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WELCOME to my blog and my photographic journey, where my photography style is dictated by my environment. I am a full time executive member of my household. That's right, I care, feed, instruct, inspire, maintain, a group of amazing individuals and the space they live in. These individuals are my children and husband, that place is my home. Most of the time I photograph where we are together, what we are doing together and most importantly their beautiful expressions. Sometimes I have the wonderful opportunity to photograph another family or event. I post my journey here.

My photographic philosophy:
I celebrate the unique differences in each person, event and place. I relish in capturing life as it happens naturally. I anticipate it! I love creating an emotional image, one that will be cherished. I seek for beauty in the simplest most unexpected places. I enjoy carrying my camera where I go, making an interpretation of that moment and archiving it for good. Creating a beautiful, stunning final print and giving lasting memories of people loved. These things put a smile on my face.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


My husband, Laramie and his brothers truly are "CAR GUYS." It is inspiring to watch them work. They have fixed my car when no one, not even the dealership could figure out what was wrong. They have done it for pennies. When they start to talk cars, I feel my eyes glaze over and every word they speak sounds like a low tone "wa, wa, wa, waa." Yet, still I have an appreciation for the talent and knowledge it takes to understand the inner workings of a car. It is fun to see my husband look giddy when he talks about a new car project or watch him resolve a seemingly hopeless situation. When I walk into the shop at the farm and the guys are banging on some vague piece of mettle, it doesn't take me long to find more interesting things to do, like skip rocks into the river or visit the horses. Yet, I have to admit I enjoy seeing a new project unfold and how they have transformed a rusty, broken car into functioning art. Even the old, rusty cars hold value in my eyes. I look at them and wonder, where have they been and what they have seen. Who drove them? What was life like back then? Now these old cars sit decorating the ground at the farm, like historical markers reminding me that someone traveled and loved life long before me, in a simpler time. I was drawn to them, I had to photograph them.
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