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WELCOME to my blog and my photographic journey, where my photography style is dictated by my environment. I am a full time executive member of my household. That's right, I care, feed, instruct, inspire, maintain, a group of amazing individuals and the space they live in. These individuals are my children and husband, that place is my home. Most of the time I photograph where we are together, what we are doing together and most importantly their beautiful expressions. Sometimes I have the wonderful opportunity to photograph another family or event. I post my journey here.

My photographic philosophy:
I celebrate the unique differences in each person, event and place. I relish in capturing life as it happens naturally. I anticipate it! I love creating an emotional image, one that will be cherished. I seek for beauty in the simplest most unexpected places. I enjoy carrying my camera where I go, making an interpretation of that moment and archiving it for good. Creating a beautiful, stunning final print and giving lasting memories of people loved. These things put a smile on my face.

About Me

Me a few years ago.
A few more people and a little more busy now but an absolutely wonderful busy. :) 

Here is a little bit about me and my photography background:

I graduated from Utah State University with a bachelor’s in Fine Art/Photography and a minor in French. This is where I found a love of the wet darkroom process as well as many alternative and 19th century styles of printing and making art. Namely, Wintergreen Oils, Polaroid Lifts, Cyanotype and Carbon printing. I enjoyed making art a refined and meticulous process. It was invigorating to me.
With a 20 + year work history in commercial and portrait photography, I enjoy crafting my work to make images that are lasting, emotional and beautiful. I have traveled across the US to photograph on commission. I have taught photography for USU Extension, Ogden Blue art school, Logan City and Dixie College. 

While my work and education provided me the ability to craft a fine image, my life experience gave me the ability to recognize an honest moment. I was taken from an abusive family at age of 12. I lived in the foster care system for two years. At age 14 I was adopted to my loving, second-cousin and her family. My adoptive parents provided me a place to heal and learn to see and understand the world with a new healthy perspective. As a child I learned to watch people closely and their intentions. I enjoyed looking for the good in everyone.

This perspective provided a unique way to view individuals and their families. I see inner beauty. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to be married to a wonderful cowboy who balances me and beautiful children who teach me every day. They are my greatest accomplishment! 

 All photos hare are taken by my beautiful, talented friend:  Kay Lynn Reilly:

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