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WELCOME to my blog and my photographic journey, where my photography style is dictated by my environment. I am a full time executive member of my household. That's right, I care, feed, instruct, inspire, maintain, a group of amazing individuals and the space they live in. These individuals are my children and husband, that place is my home. Most of the time I photograph where we are together, what we are doing together and most importantly their beautiful expressions. Sometimes I have the wonderful opportunity to photograph another family or event. I post my journey here.

My photographic philosophy:
I celebrate the unique differences in each person, event and place. I relish in capturing life as it happens naturally. I anticipate it! I love creating an emotional image, one that will be cherished. I seek for beauty in the simplest most unexpected places. I enjoy carrying my camera where I go, making an interpretation of that moment and archiving it for good. Creating a beautiful, stunning final print and giving lasting memories of people loved. These things put a smile on my face.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mason & Hayli's Wedding Day

I LOVE progression! I photographed a young family 5 years ago and then their young, teenage daughter, Hayli, GREW UP! This last month I photographed Hayli on her wedding day to Mason, a wonderful man.  She was confident and beautiful and he was charming. It was a fun wedding and both love a good party. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I was glad to be part of such a wonderful event! Thank you!


  1. Sheree Jones is able to capture light and emotion much like a master painter would on canvas, taking us back to this time and place becomes in itself timeless.

    You are indeed an artist. Thank you...a million thank you's.

  2. Hayli and Mason, You look amazing what a beautiful start for such a sweet young couple. Thank you for the opportunity of being a small part of your wonderful day.

    Sheree captured the essence of your love and emotion. How nice to start out with such beautiful memories….

    Congratulations and Much Love,
    Lisa Bounds


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